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Nepenthes x “Pink Lipstick” (Small) [wholesale]

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Big pot: Nepenthes x “Pink Lipstick” is the sister of Nepenthes x ‘Big Bang’. It is seedling number 1, selected and clonally propagated by our lab, resulting from a cross of Nepenthes (ampullaria x ampullaria red stripe) x ampullaria black miracle. A strange and fascinating plant. It has a very slow initial phase, with bronzed leaves that are slightly curled at the edges. They give the impression of being almost dry. The ascidium is a deep bronze-green collor, with a slight reddish tint to the peristome. The onset of upright growth corresponds with the production of markedly green leaves and bronze-green ascidia with a deep pink peristome. Standard form tendril.

This clone is the fruit of many years of work since the first in vitro sowing. It will be kept in our catalogues for the next few years because of the beauty for which it was selected. For these reasons, the necessary documentation for its registration under this name has begun and will be completed and sent shortly.


Horticultural hybrid


  • Climate: tropical
  • Life-cycle: perennial (no dormancy)
  • Shape: semi-climbing
  • Leaves: dark green tending to red
  • Trap: bronze green
  • Operculum: small, yellow
  • Peristome: dark red
  • Shipment in large round pot (11.5×13)

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