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Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung” (Small) [wholesale]

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Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung” is selected by Best Carnivorous Plants for its unique and aggressive forms. It’s of medium size but with striking shapes! This clone has a distinctive appearance: the irregularity of its teeth and the peculiarity of its wavy and deformed forms make it truly one-of-a-kind. This plant and the other two similar sisters, “Kim”, are a must-have for those who appreciate deformed Dionaea!


Coastal plain of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina.


  • Climate: temperate
  • Life-cycle: perennial (Winter dormancy)
  • Shape: prostrate
  • Leaves: green, standard shaped, curved
  • Traps: green and Red, deformed
  • Teeth: short, irregular

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